Eugene Onegin cigars

180 years ago the great poet created his brilliant verse novel. This milestone marked the beginning of the Golden Age of Russian literature. There is hardly any work of art in Russian culture comparable to "Eugene Onegin". That period of time can be called the Golden Age of Russian cigar, too. In the middle of 19th century Russia became the world leader in manufacturing cigars.

EUGENE ONEGIN cigars mark the revival of cigar culture, the revival of the Golden Age of Russian cigar.

All EUGENE ONEGIN cigars belong to the highest class. They are rolled by hands of best torcedors from best ageing tobacco leaves.

We can proudly claim that EUGENE ONEGIN cigars are the best choice you can ever make. In EUGENE ONEGIN range you can surely find YOUR OWN cigar.

Each vitola is created individually, and EUGENE ONEGIN cigars do not belong to same product line. Their blends differ from each other, but they all feature the perfect classical style.

Vitola Tobacco
Size (mm) Strength
RG Length
01. Eugene Onegin 1 Laguito 6 Nicaragua 57 166 Medium to full
02. Eugene Onegin 2 Laguito 5 Nicaragua 54 144 Medium to full
03. Eugene Onegin 3 Salomon Nicaragua 57 186 Medium
04. Eugene Onegin 4 Rodolfo Nicaragua 54 180 Medium
05. Eugene Onegin 5 Piramides Nicaragua 52 165 Medium to full
06. Eugene Onegin 7 Petit Super Robusto Nicaragua 57 110 Full bodied
07. Eugene Onegin 8 Super Robusto Nicaragua 57 127 Medium to full