Pelo de Oro cigars

The Golden Age in Cuba is the age of tobacco. Pelo de Oro, or the Golden Hair, is the legendary variety tobacco.

Pelo de Oro cigars are the tribute to this fabulous tobacco.

There are several extremely short vitolas for brief but intense smoking, there is an exotic culebra in its original version with three lanceroses rolled by hand! There are also Pelo de Oro Verde mild and sweet vitolas.

Cigar name Vitola Size (mm) Strength
RG Length
01. Pelo de Oro Lagarto Rojo Petit Robusto 50 102 Medium to full bodied
02. Pelo de Oro Lagarto Maduro Petit Robusto 50 102 Medium to full bodied
03. Pelo de Oro Salamandra Petit Belicoso 52 110 Full bodied
04. Pelo de Oro Tortuga Rojo Robusto 50 124 Medium to full bodied
05. Pelo de Oro Iguana Doble Robusto 50 155 Medium
06. Pelo de Oro Unau Super Robusto 56 124 Full bodied
07. Pelo de Oro Mariposa Mareva 42 129 Mild
08. Pelo de Oro Tortuga Verde Robusto 50 124 Mild
09. Pelo de Oro Cotorra Verde Corona Gorda 46 143 Mild
10. Pelo de Oro Culebra Culebra 38 192 Full bodied