About tabacalera

Siglo de Oro factory manufactures cigars in Moscow and sells them on Russian market since 2011. Our cigars are primary made of Nicaraguan tobaccos from Aganorsa company by Eduardo Fernandez. Today we produce cigars of several brands. They are «Eugene Onegin», «Siglo de Oro», «Yoruba», «Pelo de Oro», «Hidalgo» and «Stas Namin». For Russian market we produce several vitolas belonging to AGANORSA company by Eduardo Fernandez: «Casa Fernandez» and «JFR». As a part of Russian Cigar Union project called «Great Names — Great Cigars» we manufactured a vast number of signature cigars for prominent people in Russia.

In 2016 we decided to produce the first batch of cigars for Europeen market. All the cigars were rolled in Jalapa (Nicaragua) at «Sabor Aganorsa» factory under control of Gerardo Antonio Rodrigez Revunov, who is also managing «Siglo de Oro» factory in Moscow. For trial batch we selected the cigars of our two brands, Siglo de Oro and Eugene Onegin.