Siglo de Oro cigars

This line of cigars is named after our factory. We prepared this release during long time. The band design only took a year and a half!

The next step was to choose the wrapper. While creating our other brands we were not aiming at using the particular wrapper. But we wanted Siglo de Oro cigars to have the wrapper of the specific colour shade. Finally we decided on Corojo 99 from Ecuador featuring colorado-maduro natural tone. This leaf gained our hearts for its posh appearance and rich taste and flavour. The filler and the binder are selected Nicaraguan tobaccos from 3 tobacco regions: Jalapa, Esteli and Condega.

The range includes 3 vitolas Siglo de Oro Tarde (55/150), Siglo de Oro Mañana (55/180) and Siglo de Oro Noche (70/180).

The Siglo de Oro Cuadrados cigar has even longer history. These cigars were rolled in 2012, and now the time has come. They are unique in each every detail. First have a look at unbelievable golden wrapper. This wrapper is extremely rare and we were able to find enough of it for 2000 cigars only. But what impresses most is the design of the vitola itself. The cigars is born with a square section already. The blend is stacked into the square press mould and then the wrapper is carried over the square bunch. Thus perfect square head of the cigar is achieved, different from typical rounded heads. We recommend to cut this cigar with a cutter bullet, so that the corners will be preserved.

Vitola Tobacco
Size (mm) Strength
RG Length
01. Siglo de Oro Tarde Toro Nicaragua 55 150 Medium
02. Siglo de Oro Mañana Super Toro Nicaragua 55 180 Medium
03. Siglo de Oro Noche 770 Nicaragua 70 180 Medium
04. Siglo de Oro Cuadrados Cuadrados Nicaragua - 150 Medium