Т34 cigars

The idea of this cigar appeared somehow immediately. Firstly, there was a holiday on May 9, to which I have long wanted to dedicate a decent cigar. Secondly, we bought Nicaraguan tobacco from the Triumfo plantation – a very telling name. Thirdly, it turned out that the T-34 projectile resembles a Piramides cigar in every detail.

The main feature of the bags is two sheets of Medio Tiempo. The Medio Tiempo leaf is the rarest leaf, it is born in hundreds of grooves less than the rest of the leaves (lihero, viso, seco, volado).

The format is classic Piramides, RG 52, length 156 mm.

Wrapper:Mexico (Maduro)
Filler:Nicaragua (Triumfo plantation)
Strength:Medium to Full
Length:6.1″ (156 mm)
RG (diameter):52 (20,6 mm)