- BULLDOG cigars -

Bulldog cigars are a special pride of our company. Uniquely short, (only 70 mm!) at extreme diameter (RG 70). This is the shortest cigar in the world, despite this, you need to smoke it for at least 2 hours! The cigar is very tightly twisted, so you can smoke it for two or three hours.
We first released this vitola in 2015. We had several types of tobacco of a very small size in our warehouse, and then the idea of creating a very short vitola was born. There are eleven and a half leaves in this baby’s bag! For example, in the classic robusto 4.5-5.5 leaves (including binder and cover).

Since then, it has not been possible to find such leaves from which such a vitola could be twisted, and only in the spring of 2021 a suitable tobacco was found.

Bulldog has been singled out as an independent brand. There are three vitols in it:

  • Bulldog Claro in the Ecuadorian cover of the Habano 2000 variety
  • Bulldog Sun Grown in Nicaraguan Corojo 99, grown under the open sun
  • Bulldog Maduro in Mexican San Andreas