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-Exclusive cigars-



You can order exclusive private label for yourself, as a gift, for your business or event, by contacting us at any of the contacts.

- Exclusive PRIVATE LABEL-

One of the priority directions for our factory is the production of personal cigars — Private Label.

Cigar lounges and boutiques as well as restaurants and hotels can order their own signature cigars. This can be either a one-time order or cooperation on a long-term basis. It can be both a business project and a PR project.

Private Label can be issued for any company. You can present your cigar at the anniversary or other celebration of your company or organization. You can release a cigar that you will distribute to your customers, guests, or a business partner.

Also, individuals often order Private Label. Both for any celebration and to indulge self-esteem, or just to smoke your cigar and treat friends with it.

But, if for regular companies Private Label cigars are more a matter of image, for cigar and alcohol lounges and boutiques, for restaurants and bars, and to some extent for hotels, Private Label is a necessity. Your cigar will help your business, tie the client to you – after all, he can smoke a favorite cigar only in your establishment.

It is also profitable for restaurants and bars to order their own cigars so that they don’t have to keep a large assortment of cigars. Moreover, no matter how large this assortment would be, there will always be those who are dissatisfied with the lack of in his opinion some crucial cigar. It is much easier to explain to the client that you only have your own cigars and you would help him choose a vitola based on his personal preferences. In addition, in this case, you work without a small wholesaler who selects an assortment of cigars from different distributors.

If it seems to you that the assortment of only your cigars will be insufficient, or you do not want to order several different vitolas, we will be happy to increase your assortment with cigars of our brands. In this case, you are again limited to one supplier bypassing intermediaries. But if you need cigars from other manufacturers, we can meet you halfway in this, taking upon ourselves the selection of cigars of all brands you are interested in.

From our part, we guarantee that the cigar blend will be created for you individually and will not be produced for anyone else.

-What is included in the package of PRIVATE LABEL-

-Order exclusive private label-

You can contact us right now and ask all your questions on E-mail: We will definitely contact you and give you detailed advice.

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