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-About our cigar show-

Do you have a celebration – wedding, anniversary, corporate party or exhibition, business forum?

Siglo de Oro Cigar Factory will help you refine the program of your holiday or business event! The best torcedors of our factory will provide you with a spectacular cigar show.    A cigar is always a fairy tale, and you will witness the birth of a fairy tale! You and your guests will see how the leaves of selected tobacco are transformed into the true pinnacle of tobacco art – a Cigar!

That’s right, with a capital letter! Our masters feel great love for the work of their lives and through their hands the sultry Caribbean sun, the Latin American carnival and this love will pass into your cigar! Nobody will remain indifferent. It’s just a mesmerizing sight! And our fumelier will help you figure out this almost ritual action. He will serve a cigar for you, tell you, if necessary, how to smoke it, and also answer your questions.

We can provide either one torcedor or two or three (or as many as you need). On average, one torсedor rolls from 10 to 15 cigars per hour, depending on the format of the vitola. We recommend ordering at least two hours, from practice it is already known for sure that one hour is never enough, people simply do not want to let the torcedor go and it may turn out that one of the guests will feel deprived. Make your holiday longer! The optimal time is three hours, then everyone will remain completely satisfied, and everyone will receive their own cigar.


Our prices for the work of one torcedor at your event

1 hour – 10 000 rub.

2 hours – 18 000 rub.

3 hours – 27 000 rub.

The work of a fumelier is included in this cost. When ordering more than 3 hours of work, the cost of 1 hour is 8,000 rubles. On pre-holiday and holiday days rates for the work of one torcedor may differ.

- Contact us to request a show-

You can contact us right now and ask all your questions about the cigar show on E-mail: We will definitely contact you and give you detailed advice on the event.