Yoruba cigars

The real gold for Yoruba people is the culture they brought from their native coast of Africa and preserved during centuries of slavery. Santerian rituals of Yoruba practiced in Cuba are kind and peaceful in comparison with Haitian woodoo, and these rituals are closely associated with a cigar.

There are 3 vitolas in Yoruba product line, and all of them are pyramids. One of them is a classical piramides, another one is thick and shortened belicoso, and the third one is a large pyramid rolled without a press. Nowadays this method is called Hand Bunched Pressed Rolled (HBPR). This ancient rolling method today in not used by anyone else, except for limited batches manufactured once in several years.

Cigar name Vitola Tobacco Size (mm) Strength
RG Length
01. YORUBA Petit Belicoso Petit Belicoso Nicaragua 54 110 Medium
02. YORUBO Piramida Piramides Nicaragua 52 150 Medium
03. YORUBA Conicales Piramides Nicaragua 60 150 Medium